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Ronny Beer and Stephan Neu

Personnel chief Ronny Beer hands flowers for existed mastership examination at Stefan to new over.

Lucka Eisenguss in the OVZ: Point of view by Marlies Neumann. " The small ones show how to do."

The Company Lucka Eisenguss

Staff 15 years Lucka Eisenguss

In 1994 the Lucka Eisenguß GmbH was founded by Managing Director Dipl. Ing. Reinhard Beer. The company started with 16 employees. At this time a production of approximately 500 tons of castings per year was planned. On the basis of a solid and steadily increasing order situation and a increasing of the number of customers the Lucka Eisenguß GmbH increased the annual production by more than 10%. In year 2005 we employed 45 people and we have produced more than 1800 tons of casting per year. This volume of production and the steadily growing order backlog made it necessary to expand the production equipment.

Lucka Eisenguss iron casting

In January 2007 we invested more than 500,000 € in a new sand plant. In addition, another EUR 500,000 was invested in production facilities, buildings and machinery. This allowed us to increase the production in 2008 with 65 employees to 2700 tonnes of
castings. In all the years, the Lucka Eisenguß GmbH continued to train young and
motivated people.


Lucka Eisenguss cast irons with nodular cast iron

In 2009 one of our former apprentices was appointed after a successful final exam to master of foundry. Another apprentice was given a scholarship by the Federal Ministry for Research and Education, which it allows him to attend the “Karl Heine Schule” in Leipzig.

With 5 young and motivated apprentices in 2009, the Lucka Eisenguß GmbH has laid a further basis to continue successfully consist of the market and to supply its customers in the future cast products of high-quality and claim schedule accurately. With 5 young apprentices in 2009, Lucka Eisenguß GmbH has a further foundation to continue to exist successfully in the market.